Chinese Medicinal Herbalism

Chinese herbal medicine is an old and vast tradition. Chinese Medicinal Herbalism (CMH) is a unique practice in which the term “herbalism” encompasses plants, resins, minerals and at times animals when necessary. CMH uses the principles of nature to distinguish herbs and their “personalities.”

Principles of CMH include the use of the five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire), as well as temperatures of herbs ranging from very cold all the way to fire type of herbs, with neutral in-between.

When using Chinese herbs they can be taken internally or externally; it just depends. The most common forms to take are teas, in which the herbs are boiled for a specified period of time, pills, liniments, balms/rubs or herbal washes.

The use of Chinese Herbal Medicine can be appropriate for any age, masculine or feminine issues, emotional and, or physical trauma or pain as well as many others. As with all forms of herbal medicine, although ages old & time tested, it is imperative that anyone interested in pursuing the use of CMH consult a practitioner that trained in this art for the best results and the safest use.

Chinese Medicinal Herbalism is but one corner stone of Chinese medicine and best when implemented along side the other three pillars. 

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