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When we opened Stone Guardian in Salem our hope was to provide this medicine at a more affordable rate, so that people who might not be able to afford it could have a better shot. This definitely opened the doors to many people. Unfortunately even with our reduced rates were still outside the budget for many. With Crom we hope to provide significantly discounted or free private clinic treatment for the following populations:

  • Military Veterans
  • Low Income Families
  • Low Income Geriatric Populations
  • Mentally and Physically Disabled Populations

In addition we want to reach out to populations around Oregon that might not be near to an Acupuncture clinic. We can treat up to 40 patient's a day at one of our mobile clinics. We’ve partnered with locations along the Oregon coast and other rural Oregon communities, just waiting for our 501(c)(3)status.

This venture goes beyond just Acupuncture. We hope to bring Chinese herbal medicines, movement classes and more to populations all around Oregon. We’ve got the people, now we just need the funding.

Thank you!