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If you are coming to see us as a patient we will need you to fill out a few forms. The Personal Information and Background Information need to be completed by every new patient. If you are seeking help with a pain condition please also complete the Pain Report. If you intend to use Insurance to pay for your visits please fill out the Insurance Information form and be sure to bring your Insurance card and photo ID. All forms are submitted securely and are kept fully confidential.

At your first visit we will review the Informed Consent, Arbitration Agreement and Privacy Policy, so please familiarize yourself with each beforehand.

If you've never had Acupuncture before here's a few commonly asked questions.

  1. What should I wear? Loose fitting clothing is helpful. If we can roll pants up to the knees and shirts to the elbow we can get to most points. If we cannot access the points needed for your treatment we'll provide a gown to change into. If it's cold you may want to bring a scarf for after your visit.

  2. Will it hurt? Most Acupuncture visits are fairly pain free. Certain points may be uncomfortable initially but should never remain painful.

  3. How often will I need to come? Every patient and every reason to come see us is unique. Rarely patients only need one visit, most see lasting improvement after 3 to 5 visits. We'll discuss your individualized treatment plan at the end of your first visit.

  4. Do you take insurance? Yes, we’re in-network for most major insurance carriers that serve the Salem area. For those carriers that we are out of network, we can provide Superbills, which enables many insurance carriers to reimburse you directly.

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