Clinic Visits
Our clinic located near downtown Salem, Oregon has two private treatment rooms. For your convenience we offer both scheduled and walk in visits. Treatments can be acupuncture or herbal consults alone or comprise a combination of acupuncture, tuina massage and herbal consultation. At this time we do not offer group treatments in our clinic.

Housecall Visits
Can't tear yourself away from work? Too many commitments at home? Maybe it's time for a housecall. This service is where we schedule a time for one of us to come to you and provide treatment. As with clinic visits this can be acupuncture or herbal consults alone or comprise a combination of acupuncture, tuina massage and herbal consultation. The location can be a home or office, so long as permission of the owner/manager has been obtained. Included in the fee structure will be travel expenses based upon how far from Salem, Oregon you request we go. Schedule a house call today!

Business Visits
Stone Guardian Acupuncture would like to serve your business needs. Our services can be implemented for employees, special events, even your own client base. Rather than employing an Acupuncturist, Stone Guardian Acupuncture can bring the clinic to you. This includes equipment and supplies such as tables, chairs and needles, as well as proper disposal afterwards. We carry our own business and medical liability insurance, relieving the burden from your business. Stone Guardian Acupuncture is also fully HIPAA complaint so there is no concern over your employee or client privacy. Billing is by the hour, not by the client, so the setting is up to you.

Private Qigong Lessons
Qigong is a very personal practice; the most personal of all forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can take years to develop a practice that is one's own. With private Qigong lessons we help you learn the tools to develop that practice. We do this through ongoing weekly lessons, each lasting a hour. The lessons start by gradually learning to feel and move your own Qi and evolves on to more advanced forms with specific applications. Our goal is to teach you at your own pace and lay the foundation for a lifelong practice.
To sign up for private Qigong lessons click here.

Qigong Seminar
Stone Guardian Acupuncture is currently scheduling 5 hour Qigong seminars. Each seminar will include the entire One Thousand Hand Buddha Qigong form, taught by two certified Qigong teachers, as well as interspersed lecture on the concepts of Daoist healing and Qigong. One Thousand Hand Buddha Qigong is a seated form that can greatly help with anxiety, depression and the overall chaos of life. This form is a wonderful introduction to stillness, both of mind and body. The 5 hour seminar is great for small groups of people or if you prefer can be a one on one experience.

Rural Clinics
As a part of our mission to bring Chinese medicine to those that need it Stone Guardian Acupuncture is setting up group acupuncture clinics in rural settings. Some of these clinics will also offer additional features, like Tai Chi and Qigong classes, herbal consults, Tuina and more. If you would like to invite us to come to your neighborhood, please contact us for details.

Taiji Classes
Every summer we teach a free Taiji (Tai Chi) class in the clinic parking lots on Sundays, once the weather becomes more predictably dry. Stay tuned to our newsletter and social media for when that begins. You can read a little more about Taiji over here. Private or group lessons can also be arranged on request.