On the fence about trying Acupuncture? Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

The two Acupuncturists at Stone Guardian are professional and caring. They listen to your problems, ask all the right questions and implement a plan of action. They take insurance or cash. Kort has a heating pad on the table to keep you warm and toasty. Been going off and on for a couple of years. I recommend them highly.
— Vinita (via Facebook)
Treatment was excellent and thorough and I felt muscle-pain relief and much tension relief.
— Anita
Recently Bryce Lisser at Stone Ground Acupuncture helped me relieve extremely painful shoulder, arm & elbow pain. It had me pretty crippled up & useless to any significant activity & very much hampering my job. Two wonderful insightful visits got me pain free. Bryce quickly diagnosed the source of painful area which was not where I thought it was. By focusing on the correct area & applying a few techniques & treatments, I quickly lost the pain. SO HERE’s MY TIP TO OTHERS LIVING WITH PAIN FROM SPRAINS & STRAINS: Stop living with it!! Relief can be nearby at Stone Ground Acupuncture. JUST DO IT & get back to living! These guys are not only skilled but great people to know & be around.
— Lisa (via Facebook)
I was so relieved to be listened to carefully without pretense or judgment. No hurry, at all. Kort took all the time I needed to tell the story of my pain. The first treatment was effective too! He successfully took my pain level down several points. I Thank you!!
— Karen
I felt the change after my tension was released and I love the education that went with the visit. Lots of useful information I will use to get my body back to balance. Thank you.
— Kirsten
Bryce does an amazing consultation. It is wonderful to have someone actually listen to your and have a conversation about your concerns/issues. From our talk, he suggested other things that could be related to my concerns that I never would have connected with each other. He explains everything in way that is easy to understand and makes you feel very comfortable. My treatment was wonderful and I felt great after I left. I have since had a second treatment and I feel better and better every time. I can’t wait for my upcoming appointments. This is the place to go and Bryce is the guy to see.
— Tara
Met with Kort for my first ever acupuncture. It was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and informative. Makes sure to make sure your comfortable and understand what’s going on. I’m truly amazed at how I felt leaving vs coming in. Can’t wait for more treatments.
— Valerie (via Facebook)
My boyfriend suffered a massive stoke and lost his speech and movement in his right side. A few months later we saw Stone Guardian at the Saturday market and started regular visits to Spider. He has helped so much with my boyfriend’s speech and his arm is getting better! I wish we knew about them sooner! Thank you guys for being local and so helpful! I hope more clinics open everywhere and hospitals start to offer this to stroke victims ASAP!!!!!
— Sarah (via Facebook)
Spider was very knowledgeable he let me know things I never heard before which made me more comfortable receiving my treatment. I have had back issues going on 10 years now and after my first treatment I could feel an improvement it took the edge off of the pain and I can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Stone Guardian Acupuncture!!!!
— Kelsey
I’ve been seeing Bryce at Stone Guardian Acupuncture for a concussion from a car accident. The concussion specialist at Providence told me that my recovery so far has been one of the fastest he’s ever seen. I credit that to the acupuncture and supplements Bryce recommended. Go see him if you’re ever in need of some healing.
— Sara (via Facebook)
Bryce has a great knowledge of the body and how to make you feel comfortable. He explained everything he was doing and made me understand the importance of it.
— Chris
Bryce is a highly intelligent, detail oriented person who provided me with excellent service at an incredible value. If you are in search of an acupuncturist, I doubt it gets better.
— Stan (via Facebook)
Rarely have I encountered a healer like Bryce. He is knowledgeable and calculated. Body pains, sprains and strains don’t stand a chance when he is around.
— Susan (via Facebook)