Bryce 'Spider' Lisser and Kort G Schmidt founded Stone Guardian Acupuncture in early 2015 after they graduated together from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. If you've never worked with us before we recommend learning a little more about our practitioners before you schedule.

Bryce 'Spider' Lisser, LAc
Qigong and Acupuncture


Areas of Focus
Pain Relief
Weight Loss
Geriatric Health
Health Maintenance

I first began on my journey towards Chinese medicine in 1995 when I started learning martial arts from Master Shin in Albany, Oregon. My focus at the time was Qi cultivation and sword work. Martial arts would be my first passion for nearly a decade before realizing that I had been on the path to Chinese medicine without realizing it.

It was in 2005 that I took the first of many educational steps toward becoming a healer. This would take me through 5 years studying Chinese language and culture at Portland State University and abroad in China at Zhengzhou University in Henan province. I graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2014 where my focus was on Qigong and Acupuncture. My next steps lead me to Salem, Oregon where we founded Stone Guardian, a new style of medical practice, emphasizing preventative care.

When not focused on my pursuits as a healer I enjoy tabletop games, creative writing and spending time with my wife Desiree and sons Dominic and Xander.

Kort G Schmidt, LAc
Herbalism and Acupuncture

Areas of Focus
Digestive Support
Chronic Fatigue
Health Maintenance

My name is Kort.  I have lived in Oregon just about all my life, love it so much I cannot even imagine leaving!   I went to a fairly local college, Pacific University, to earn my Bachelors degree and started working in another college a bit after graduation in the library.  I met my beautiful wife in college and we got married a few years after graduation.  We also currently have an awesome little boy (whom I am holding in the picture) and girl, two cats and a dog, all of whom we are completely in love with!   I enjoy hanging out and relaxing with close friends & family, listening to records or just being quiet, listening to life.  These things give me peace.   

    To learn what Chinese Medicine has to offer I went to school at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  I resided there for 3 years and earned my Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Now, I am ready to be of service to the people!  I am committed to giving people the best care that there is to offer, all with a lot less medical equipment and no free prescription drug samples.  I do not want a sterile medical environment and a doctor who looks at a clip-board instead of me...  People want an empowering form of medicine that looks at all aspects of this reality & this is what Oriental Medicine has to offer.  I want you as a patient to be empowered to make your own choice in medicine and I want you to be well!  As a practitioner I offer natural herbs & complementary therapies, as well as needling/acupuncture; this is what I do and love!  I look forward to meeting & empowering you in the future & urge you be happy and healthy!