Our Mission

We at Stone Guardian Acupuncture believe you should be able to obtain the health care that you need, period. It should not come down to how much money you make, what sort of benefits your employer provides or how much private insurance you can afford. For this reason in addition to accepting insurance, we keep our prices affordable and have a variety of payment plans available.

We also believe that healthcare should be lasting, not just temporarily masking your problem. One of the most amazing aspects of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a whole is the goal of healthy living. This medicine is not intended to be a bandaid for your health. It is meant to balance and rebuild your health. This is best achieved by including all four pillars of Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Tuina Massage and Qigong.

Stone Guardian Acupuncture embraces this with you and every patient we see. Our treatment planning approach gets you to a point where you need to see us less and less. This medicine is a cumulative process though, with many chronic conditions not showing lasting improvement until the fifth visit. Our goal in creating individualized treatment plans is to help you reach that point as effectively as possible.

Stone Guardian Acupuncture is able to reach much of Oregon with house calls and business visits, where we bring the medicine to you. To reach populations that are located farther from cities we launched our Rural Clinics, where we set up a full Chinese medicine clinic at community centers and granges. To better serve our home city we opened the first local Stone Guardian Acupuncture clinic near downtown Salem with both scheduled appointments and walk-in hours.

We’ll continue to strive to provide decent affordable healthcare to anyone that needs it. We hope to work with you soon!