As the most commonly found pillar of Chinese medicine many Americans have only ever experienced it as a new form of alternative care. When in actuality it has had a history as primary care dating back generations.

Acupuncture has been practiced in one form or another for over 2500 years. First practiced in China it has since spread world wide. What is practiced today is the culmination of many cultures healing methods using the medicine, yet the roots of the ancient medicine can still be seen today.

Acupuncture itself involves inserting and manipulating hair thin needles at specific points found on the body. By stimulating these points we can facilitate movement of resources like Qi. The applications of this most basic concept are countless ranging from pain relief to physical rehabilitation, drug and alcohol recovery to emotional support. There is very little this practice cannot aid in time. 

Acupuncture is but one corner stone of Chinese medicine and best when implemented along side the other three pillars. 

Chinese Medicinal Herbalism
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